Inkscape 0.91 Feature — Measurement tool

The Inkscape developers are hard at work getting ready for the release of the new version of Inkscape (0.91). This post is part of a series that will outline some of the awesome new features that will be available when Inkscape 0.91 is released.

The Measurement tool is a new feature for the artist to measure the elements in their drawing. To use the measurement tool, simply choose the tool, click anywhere on the drawing and drag the ruler out. The measurement tool will live-update with measurements of length and angles as you pass over objects in your drawing.


If you want to try out this new feature already, you will need to¬† Download a “nightly” or “development” version of inkscape. Links to various builds of development versions of inkscape are listed at the Inkscape downloads page.

4 thoughts on “Inkscape 0.91 Feature — Measurement tool

  1. That’s very nice. I’ve found that if i press SPACEBAR when i’m measuring, the measures stay on the canvas. It could be a bug -i’m testing Inkscape 0.91 in a liveusb Fedora- and i guess it would be awesome if that guides and anotations can be used for print.


  2. This tool is indeed very nice. Are there plans to extend this to allow attachment of the measurement tool to existing nodes on a path? That would be really very useful. Many thanks!


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