3 Techniques for creating designs with isometric projection with Inkscape


Here is awesome tutorial by that explains 3 different techniques for creating artwork with an isometric projection using Inkscape. The techniques are: creating an Axonometric grid, Transforming objects, and creating 3D boxes. Depending on the type of design you are creating, you may use all three of these techniques in unison as well!

Be sure to also check out some of Olga’s awesome vector illustrations done using inkscape!

Create a grungy cardboard box icon using inkscape

Here is another awesome tutorial from the vectortuts+ website, describing how to draw a grungy, beat up cardboard box icon. This tutorial was written for inkscape 0.47, and uses many of the newer inkscape features, including the envelope deformation path effect. Additionally, this tutorial also covers how to achieve the dirty, grungy look in inkscape by using a combination of vector shapes and a bitmap texture. All in all, this is a comprehensive tutorial that almost any one familiar with inkscape basics could follow to produce an awesome graphic.

Illustrating a snowman using inkscape

This is an amazingly detailed tutorial on creating a detailed snowman illustration using Inkscape. This tutorial combines inkscape basics — including path and gradient manipulation — demonstrating how simple skills can translate into an awesome drawing.

This tutorial was originally written in Russian by Yuri Apostol and translated into English by Alexandre Prokoudine. As an added bonus, Yuri has also added the source SVG (released under the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license) to the bottom of this tutorial. Enjoy!

Inkscape Video Tutorial Double Feature – Faking 3d Text & Wrapping Text Around a Globe

Introducing a new segment here at the inkscape tutorials blog: the Inkscape Video Tutorial Double Feature. Screening this week, we have:

3D Text Using Interpolation: An example on how to use the interpolation effect to create a faux 3d (yet impressive none-the-less) text effect:

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And, Secondly, we have:

Wrap Text Around a Globe:

Another awesome screencast by heathenx:

In this episode I will demonstrate how to wrap text around a three-dimensional globe in Inkscape v.046.

I used a fairly new extension from Gerrit Karius (aka G33K) called Bezier Envelope. If you want to follow along or use the Bezier Envelope for whatever future purpose then be sure to download it here. Thanks Gerrit. :)ep088_thumb

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Photographic Photos

 by sim…
here nice tutorial for making your photos on the screen look a bit more like they were printed out.
It demonstrates how to add a simple frame, shading and a curvy shadow.

This is an SVG tutorial with a linked bitmap, so you need to download the zip file, and extract it for it to work correctly…

PLEASE NOTE: This tutorial was done before the release of inkscape version 0.45 and the blur filter is now implemented in the software. this means that for the shadow step, you just need to draw the rectangle and blur it, no need to bother with the interpolation any more :P


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