Layer Effects with Inkscape

Alexandre Prokoudine [blog | twitter]  covers creating layer effects with Inkscape. In this detailed article, Alexandre talks you through hand-editing the SVG XML in inkscape to apply filter effects (e.g. Gaussian blur)  on whole layer (rather than on an object or group level).  Note that to achieve this behaviour, you will be diving deep into inkscape SVG internals, so this tutorial is recommended for advanced inkscape users.

Vector Textures!

Here is a another fun little tutorial from McKay Christensen showing how to create a neat texture effects using Inkscape. The awesome thing about this tutorial is that it is 100% scalable vector graphics (SVG), there is not a bitmap texture in sight! McKay achieves this by using SVG filters. To finish it off, he shows you how to put a rough paper texture over some text, and give it a drop shadow. This tutorial is a great introduction into the use of the filters dialog in inkscape.


Create a grungy cardboard box icon using inkscape

Here is another awesome tutorial from the vectortuts+ website, describing how to draw a grungy, beat up cardboard box icon. This tutorial was written for inkscape 0.47, and uses many of the newer inkscape features, including the envelope deformation path effect. Additionally, this tutorial also covers how to achieve the dirty, grungy look in inkscape by using a combination of vector shapes and a bitmap texture. All in all, this is a comprehensive tutorial that almost any one familiar with inkscape basics could follow to produce an awesome graphic.

Niko Kiirala on Filters: Tutorial Three – Composite

Here is the next tutorial in the filters series by Niko Kiirala, This tutorial covers the composite filter.

“Composite is, as the name states, an effect that can composite images together. It uses the Porter-Duff blending modes named after the writers of the paper, where it was published.

The Porter-Duff blending modes are basically logical operations applied to images. For example, you can go and take an exclusive or of two images. In the original paper there was a table showing an example of each mode and some variation of that has been included in most places, where these modes are explained.”

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Niko Kiirala on Filters: Tutorial Two – Color Matrix

Here is the second tutorial in Niko’s Inkscape Filter Effects series. Today’s tutorial focuses on the color matrix filter. The quote below (taken from the tutorial) best sums it up…

Color Matrix is an interesting filter, that can mix up the colours in your image in many ways. Blanc and white images, sepia toning, hue rotation and removing one of the basic colours from image are a couple examples, what kind of modifications this filter can do.

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creating fire / flames using inkscape (and the new SVG filters!)

Please Note: This tutorial uses features that are not currently available in the most recent stable version of inkscape (0.45.1). To achieve the effects in this tutorial, you will need to download an unstable version of inkscape, or wait until the 0.46 release.

Here is a great tutorial that demonstrates how to use the new SVG filters feature in inkscape to create fire / flames.


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