Create a Lightbulb Icon that follows the tango! guidelines.

Here is another great inkscape tutorial from vectortuts, demonstrating how to create a vector lightbulb icon within the tango! icon guidelines.

This tutorial is a great overview on using inkscape for drawing icons.  For an overview on managing your workflow in inkscape while designing icons, see the previously posted tutorial, “creating icons with inkscape – a basic workflow.”

Also, be sure to check out the vectortuts website. Even though there are only a handful of inkscape tutorials posted there, if you have intermediate to advanced inkscape skills, you may be able to apply some of the techniques from the other tutorials hosted there.

Note: This tutorial only demonstrates the process to create the light bulb icon above. The image below is a random subset of images that are in the tango! icon library. To get the tango! icons, including icons in the Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format, visit the download page on the tango! website.


shiny arrows tutorial: by nicu

here is a cool little tutorial that tells you how to create the shiny / glossy arrow using inkscape. This is great for inkscape newbies that want to learn the inkscape by producing a simple, yet still pretty glossy arrow.

On a side note, if you like this tutorial, or achieve the glossy effect via a different workflow, make sure you write a tutorial, and post it on your blog/website. Its good to see other people’s workflow in the form of tutorials… :P (click here for more info on my blatant tutorial push…)

Check it out, and leave a comment!


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