Drawing a manga character using inkscape.

While this video is not a tutorial per se, it provides a great insight into how a more complicated inkscape drawing is constructed. It is basically a step – by – step construction of all the objects in the drawing put into a neat little video. Below is a thumb of the finished product that can be viewed at the artist’s deviantart page.

The video (hosted on youtube) is embedded after the thumb, so you may not be able to view it if you are reading though an feed reader.





Create an impressive stick man cartoon character / avatar

Here is another tutorial / in depth guide on creating cartoon characters by one of my favourite inkscape tutorialists, David Shaw. A while back, he published an awesome guide to creating a simple cartoon character in the tutorial Slime to Start.

This time he has created another in-depth guide to character creation with Inkscape, and this time the goal is to create a cute cartoon stick man with a style similar to the Order of the Stick by Rich Burlew. Once again, David goes into immense detail of his entire creative process, and the result is a great introduction to inkscape with an awesome result.


For those of you interested in cartooning in inkscape, make sure you check out the following screenshot by Inkscape artist / developer, John Bintz (of Moment of Clarity fame.) It outlines the workflow that John goes through tracing, tweaking and inking his cartoons. Note that the screenshot is done before the 0.46 paint bucket tool came out (which i am pretty sure john had a hand in developing) so cartooning in inkscape is even easier.


shiny arrows tutorial: by nicu

here is a cool little tutorial that tells you how to create the shiny / glossy arrow using inkscape. This is great for inkscape newbies that want to learn the inkscape by producing a simple, yet still pretty glossy arrow.

On a side note, if you like this tutorial, or achieve the glossy effect via a different workflow, make sure you write a tutorial, and post it on your blog/website. Its good to see other people’s workflow in the form of tutorials… :P (click here for more info on my blatant tutorial push…)

Check it out, and leave a comment!


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Official Inkscape Tutorial: Tips and Tricks

This tutorial is the webpage version of the “Tips and Tricks” tutorial that comes bundled with inkscape. To view these tutorials as an SVG just go to Help>Tutorials in inkscape.

It covers the following tips:
Radial placement with “Tile Clones”, How to do slicing (multiple rectangluar export areas), Non-linear gradients, Excentric radial gradients, Aligning to the center of the page, Cleaning up the document, Clipping or masking a bitmap, Hidden features and the XML editor, Stamping, Pen tool tricks, Entering Unicode values, Using the grid for drawing icons, Object rotation, Open dialog as an object palette, Bitmap drop shadows, Placing text on a path, Selecting the original, Window off-screen recovery, Transparency, gradients and PostScript export


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