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Inkscape Hackfest — help make Inkscape better

This April, developers of Inkscape are meeting up to hold a hackfest, where they will spend 3 solid days planning for the future of Inkscape, fixing bugs, and adding new features to Inkscape.

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Inkscape 0.91 Released

The Inkscape project just announced the availability of the next major version of Inkscape, version 0.91.

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Blender adds Freestyle SVG export to create Inkscape editable 3D lineart

Blender 2.73 was released today, and it contains an awesome new feature that allows you to export Blender Freestyle renders into SVG format that can be further edited in Inkscape.

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Other ways to follow the inkscape tutorials blog

In addition to the @inkscapetuts on twitter, the inkscape tutorials blog is now also on google+, and also on Facebook. Going forward, both the twitter, g+ and Facebook streams will be updated with all the new posts that show up here on the blog. So if you prefer to use either of those services, follow us there.

Speaking of google+, there is also the official inkscape google+ page, which features news and updates from the inkscape project. Also, there is the inkscape community on google+, that has tutorials, a gallery, and general inkscape posts and discussions.


Free rope vector clipart

After the tutorial last week on how to create rope with Inkscape, I was playing around with the technique outlined in the tutorial, and came up with a few vector rope assets that you all can now download and use. These three designs are all licensed CC0 1.0 Universal.That means they are all royalty free and free for both commercial and personal use without attribution.

These artworks will be great for use as a border or flourish in nautical, sailing and boating designs. Also suitable for cowboy and wild west style artwork, or anything that requires a rope or string design.

Rope border

Rope Border is an SVG vector clipart of rope in the shape of a rounded rectangle border.



Rope ring

Rope Ring is an SVG vector clipart of a single unbroken rope in a circle loop


Rope ring with a granny knot

Rope Ring with a granny knot is an SVG vector clipart of a single piece of rope tied in a circle loop by a granny knot at the bottom. Also known in heraldry as a Bourchier knot, the granny knot is visually similar to the reef knot, square knot or grief knot.


Free Cute Cartoon Animals vector clipart

Here is a set of free cartoon animal clipart that can be used for anything. All the images in this set are totally free can be used for any purpose and do not have any watermarks that will stop you from using them anywhere!

These cute animals are available over at  the Open Clip Art Library. There are many more in this style than in the sample below, so head past the break for the entire list of animals in this set. As with all the artwork in the Open Clip Art Library, these SVGs are Public Domain, so you can do pretty much anything with them!

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we now are at

The inkscape tutorials blog is now officially at The old should redirect smoothly to this new domain!

Inkscape Artist Spotlight: Butterscotch Shenanigans

Butterscotch Shenannigans is a small (2 person) indie game developer from Saint Louis with a bunch of highly rated games available for iOS, Android and PC.


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Inkscape Live Drawing event

István Szép from Pesto Design is running another inkscape live drawing event. This event is titled “How to draw on a photo”. Everyone is welcome to watch and participate. Go to the Facebook event page to see all the details on when and where. The first live drawing event, character design in Inkscape, is also available to watch on youtube.


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