Inkscape FAQ: Why do my gradients change when I move or resize an object?

The gradient tool in Inkscape is a powerful feature that allows artists to add and edit linear and radial colour gradients on-canvas. Gradients in vector graphics provide the ability to provide the illusion of depth and light to otherwise flat images. When combined with the blur filter, gradients can be used to create photo-realistic vector images.

A Lamborghini Gallardo drawn entirely with Inkscape vectors.

However, having gradients behave strangely when moving or resizing an object is a common issue encountered by Inkscape users.

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Realistic Guitar Tutorial

In this tutorial,  Nick Roberts [ of Everlong Design] demonstrates in detail how to illustrate a “Fender Stratocaster” type guitar.

This tutorial is close to one of the best inkcape tutorials out there.  The final result is stunning, and the author has detailed the steps superbly with many super useful screen shots. The author even details the hex values of all the colours that are used. Be sure to check it out and leave feedback on the tutorial itself. More positive feedback to the tutorials authors means more higher quality inkscape tutorials for all…


creating fire / flames using inkscape (and the new SVG filters!)

Please Note: This tutorial uses features that are not currently available in the most recent stable version of inkscape (0.45.1). To achieve the effects in this tutorial, you will need to download an unstable version of inkscape, or wait until the 0.46 release.

Here is a great tutorial that demonstrates how to use the new SVG filters feature in inkscape to create fire / flames.


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