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Drawing a vector crown

Here is another neat tutorial from Olga Bikmullina describing how to draw a cartoon style vector crown using Inkscape. Continue reading “Drawing a vector crown”

Design custom space ships with Inkscape

Ever needed to design a space ship for a game project or some other reason? Look no further than this two-part tutorial from the 2D art for game programmers blog.

Continue reading “Design custom space ships with Inkscape”

Illustrate the Rings of Saturn

Today’s tutorial is yet another awesome little tutorial from the 2D Game Art for programmers blog that demonstrates a simple technique to illustrate the rings around Saturn.

Continue reading “Illustrate the Rings of Saturn”

How to draw a cartoon scroll

Here is a neat written tutorial (with a bonus video tutorial too) on creating a cartoony style scroll with Inkscape.

Continue reading “How to draw a cartoon scroll”

Trace pixel art with this new feature in Inkscape 0.91

One of the new features in Inkscape 0.91 is the new Trace Pixel Art feature that allows you to take a PNG or some other bitmap of pixel art and trace it neatly into vector objects.

Continue reading “Trace pixel art with this new feature in Inkscape 0.91”

Creating Isometric art in Inkscape

Learn how to create simple isometric blocks and create a scene.

Continue reading “Creating Isometric art in Inkscape”

Drawing a Cactus in Inkscape

Here is a neat little workflow tutorial on creating a cartoon cactus using Inkscape.

Continue reading “Drawing a Cactus in Inkscape”

Drawing a cartoony candle

Here is a tutorial on drawing a candle in a candle holder using Inkscape. Continue reading “Drawing a cartoony candle”

drawing a cute pink vector elephant in Inkscape

Learn how to draw this adorable little pink elephant using inkscape. Continue reading “drawing a cute pink vector elephant in Inkscape”

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