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Blender adds Freestyle SVG export to create Inkscape editable 3D lineart

Blender 2.73 was released today, and it contains an awesome new feature that allows you to export Blender Freestyle renders into SVG format that can be further edited in Inkscape.

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Drawing a Cactus in Inkscape

Here is a neat little workflow tutorial on creating a cartoon cactus using Inkscape.

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Drawing a cartoony candle

Here is a tutorial on drawing a candle in a candle holder using Inkscape. Continue reading “Drawing a cartoony candle”

drawing a cute pink vector elephant in Inkscape

Learn how to draw this adorable little pink elephant using inkscape. Continue reading “drawing a cute pink vector elephant in Inkscape”

Create a landscape scene with misty hills in the distance

Here is a great tutorial for Inkscape on using gradients, blur and opacity to create a simple landscape scene with misty, cloudy hills in the background.hills

Other ways to follow the inkscape tutorials blog

In addition to the @inkscapetuts on twitter, the inkscape tutorials blog is now also on google+, and also on Facebook. Going forward, both the twitter, g+ and Facebook streams will be updated with all the new posts that show up here on the blog. So if you prefer to use either of those services, follow us there.

Speaking of google+, there is also the official inkscape google+ page, which features news and updates from the inkscape project. Also, there is the inkscape community on google+, that has tutorials, a gallery, and general inkscape posts and discussions.


Quick Tip: creating an egg shape in Inkscape

Here is a super simple way of creating an egg shape oval using the Circle / Ellipse tool, and a little known feature of the Node Tool, called Node Sculpting.

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A simple introduction to the circle tool, aka drawing pacman in Inkscape

Here is a super quick tutorial on how to draw pacman in inkscape. This tutorial is short and sweet, but is a great introduction on how to use the circle/arc tool in Inkscape.


Introduction to Inkscape: an 8-class lesson plan for teaching Inkscape

Here is a 8-class lesson plan & curriculum by Máirín Duffy for teaching the basics of Inkscape to primary school children. (the class was specifically designed for teaching a US 7th grade class.) The course is themed around the students creating a logo for their fake rock band, and then creating different items based on that logo, such as posters and t-shirts.Each of the 8 lessons has a bunch of resources to run the class, including lesson plans, student handouts and exercise sheets to print out and give to the students during the lesson.

All the resources and course outline is available on this page. Máirín has already tested and run this class on a class of 7th graders, and blogged about the progress of each day — well worth a read too if you want to see how well this class performs in real life.

Even though this class is aimed at 7th graders, following along the course is also a great introduction to the basics of Inkscape for kids of all ages.

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