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Drawing a vector crown

Here is another neat tutorial from Olga Bikmullina describing how to draw a cartoon style vector crown using Inkscape. Continue reading “Drawing a vector crown”

How to create and save a PDF in Inkscape

Creating and editing PDFs in Inkscape is pretty simple. This quick tip will cover the basics of saving your Inkscape SVG to a PDF Continue reading “How to create and save a PDF in Inkscape”

Inkscape 0.91 Released

The Inkscape project just announced the availability of the next major version of Inkscape, version 0.91.

Continue reading “Inkscape 0.91 Released”

Inkscape workaround to fix the white gaps between objects

Have you ever noticed that in Inkscape when you have objects that are perfectly butted up against each other, that there is still a small gap rendered between them, exposing the background colour underneath? Continue reading “Inkscape workaround to fix the white gaps between objects”

drawing gears in inkscape – a howto by nicu.

UPDATE: Nicu has been posting incremental updates on this tutorial on his blog… to date there are 3 parts in total:

  1. Drawing the Gears
  2. Colouring the Gears – Golden Gears
  3. Colouring the Gears – Gears on Old Paper

After the last few posts not being actual tutorials, today the inkscape tutorials weblog is getting back into the swing of things with an awesome little howto from nicu.

Nicu demonstrates how to create gears in inkscape, vary them and build them up to create complex “mechanisms”

Inkscape 0.46 Available on All Platforms

With the windows package of inkscape 0.46, becoming available overnight, the newest release is now available on Linux, OSX and Windows.

digg the 0.46 release announcement


The following is an extract from the inkscape release announcement:

Tons of new features and performance improvements are included in this release. Dialogs now have the ability to be docked to the editing window. Gradients can be edited completely on-canvas. The new Paint Bucket Tool fills bounded areas with color. A new 3D Box tool helps create perspective-correct drawings. A new Tweak tool provides an intuitive method for editing paths and painting objects. The new Live Path Effects feature can create “brushes” and various organic effects on paths. Improvements to color management include support for color spaces other than sRGB. Most SVG filters are now implemented, and a new powerful UI is provided for editing filter stacks.


pac-man ghosts / baddies tutorial

nicu has outdone himself again. Not only has he created a tutorial for creating cool pacman baddies, but he has again put his results into the public domain for all to download, and this time he has also done a screencast of his process… enjoy!


Continue reading “pac-man ghosts / baddies tutorial”

Illustrating Basic 3D looking objects in Inkscape

here is a good tutorial on creating basic 3d looking objects using inkscape.

Continue reading “Illustrating Basic 3D looking objects in Inkscape”

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